Excite Credit Union - formerly Alliance Credit Union - has been investing in the neighborhoods we serve since 1952. As an alternative to for-profit banking, which prioritizes investors over customers, Excite Credit Union is dedicated to putting people above profit. 


Speaking of winning, we're proud to expand our partnership with the San Jose Giants!


We've been involved with the San Jose Giants since 2009 and to further our partnership with them, we've named the stadium Excite Ballpark Home of the San Jose Giants.  But our partnership doesn't end there.  In order to show our dedication to the community, we're launching several initiatives that allow Excite members to show their support for the San Jose Giants and win some incredible prizes along the way.

And that's something to get excited about!

Learn more details about our partnership.



Interested in joining the fan club and becoming an Excite Credit Union member? 

You just need to live, work, or worship in Santa Clara, San Mateo or Alameda County to be eligible.

Be sure to use the promo code:


when opening a savings account and we'll give you $25. Open a Simply checking account and we'll give you another $25!
Here's our pitch: We offer a savings and checking account both with unbeatable interest rates.
Our savings account offers 5% APY* up to $2,500 and our checking account offers 2.25% APY** up to $20,000.
Have a little league of your own? We are proud to offer our Youth Savings Account to help start their journey to financial success.
Don't strike out!  Become a member today!

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

* 5% APY is offered to new members only. Earn 5% APY on up to the first $2,500. Balances higher than $2,500 earn the standard dividend rate. Offer subject to change without notice.

**For our Simply Checking Account the dividend period is monthly. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield as of the most recent dividend declaration date are reflected as follows:

The Daily Balance method is used to calculate dividends on the account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. Dividends begin to accrue on the business day you make a deposit. Dividends are compounded daily and posted monthly on the last day of the month.

There are two tiers of dividends paid on the Simply Checking Account, the Premium Rate and the Standard Rate:

1. the Premium Rate will be paid on balances up to $20,000; 2. the Standard Rate will be paid on balances over $20,000

Please note: Payment of dividends requires the account to have 6 posted debit card transactions and receive a minimum direct deposit of $500 into the Simply Checking per statement period and be set up for eStatements.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the $25/$25 deposit to be deposited into your account(s).

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