We step up for our community. 

That means partnering with neighborhoods, schools, businesses, non-profits, and local governments to do better for everyone; even the voices of the unheard.


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Step Up To Better

For us, stepping up to better means doing better for everyone. We start with growing local economies, partnering with neighborhood organizations, and giving back to the communities that have already given us so much.

 We're Excite Credit Union. A local not-for-profit, owned and operated by you, the member, the neighbor, the hard worker. We exist to give everyone the chance to build a stronger future, so together, we can build stronger communities. It's about coming together, so no one has to go at it alone.


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Options to increase your buying power. Apply for your credit card now. 

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Save money. Driveaway safe and happy. Start your auto loan application today. 

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A small loan for a small goal. Get started on your personal loan here.

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Join a neighborhood or get a Home Equity Loan. Start your home equity application or begin your new mortgage application here.

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Are you a small business looking for answers. Well, our team of business experts is ready to help. Open a new business checking account today.

Financial Education

Money is confusing, we get it. That's why we bring you Banzai, the program that's helped millions of kids and educators.  Start your free financial literacy program.

Meet Daniel
Your Business Development Manager 


Daniel Hasegawa is our Business Development Manager. Before Excite, Daniel held managerial and training roles at World Savings, Wachovia Bank, and Chevron Federal Credit Union - but he actually started his career as a teacher. So, while he can talk finance and make deals with the best of them, he's actually known for his warm, patient, interpersonal style. That, and his ridiculously good chocolate chip cookies he makes for the office on special occasions! When he's not at Excite, Daniel is spending time with his wife, Kristi, and two sons in the East Bay where they live. (Hopefully making cookies!)

Let's Talk

Credit Unions vs. Banks

Wondering if credit unions are safe and if it’s easier to get a loan from a credit union or bank, there are a lot of questions about the difference between a bank and a credit union. A credit union offers many of the same products and services of a bank. Here are a few advantages of a credit union over a bank.

Credit Unions

  • Owned by the members
  • Not-for-Profit
  • 24/7 Access
  • 30,000 surcharge free ATMs
  • Fewer fees, better rates
  • Insured by NCUA


  • Owned by the shareholders
  • For Profit
  • 24/7 Access
  • 20,000 ATMs
  • More fees, worse rates
  • Insured by FDIC

Looking for benefits for your employees?

Our Business Development team brings great perks and the benefits of membership at Excite Credit Union directly to your location in person or virtually, at absolutely no cost to your organization. We help enhance your employee offerings and improve the financial well-being of your team by signing them up for membership with us. There's no obligation to sign up, and we make it a fun experience by bringing raffle prizes and account opening gifts along with our product offerings.

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Get Free Financial Education From Excite

Excite's Financial Wellness program provides financial education and information to your employees at no cost to you - to make life better for your employees and your bottom line! 









"We want to help you achieve your goal, no matter what that is. If you're looking for a lasting partnership with a local credit union - look no further. If you're curious about a product for your next life stage - we have it. If you have a dream or a passion for this community - we share that too."

President & CEO, Excite Credit Union
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